Annual Letter to Heartholders

My name is Jacqueline (Jackie) Ferrer Xavier and I am the Founder + CEO of M2M Gifts LLC.

I am a single mother to a sassy, Caribbean-born, quad-racial daughter, who guides and motivates everything that I do. I want to leave a better world for her after I am gone than the one I was born into.

I am a movement artist that can nerd out to political theory any day of the week. I do not like bullies and I am certain that bullies do not like me. My pronouns are she/her/they. I am of Philippine origin. I come from a long line of small-scale rice farmers turned lawyers, engineers, and accountants. I have strong matriarchal influences and my maternal grandmother raised 8 children very independently (I am being diplomatic). I can sing in Tagalog but have no idea what I am saying. I am fluent in Spanish but I learned it in the kitchens of breakfast restaurants and in the islands so I can say "those really naughty words." I am a climate change refugee. I have seen the good, bad, and ugly present in the human condition following a major natural disaster. I believe we all have the capacity to do well and be well but we must quell our egos and selfish motivations in order to achieve collective, sustainable change in the world. Until we can do that, cycles of societal progress followed by unrest will persist. The pendulum will continue to swing.

M2M Gifts is my passion project turned social enterprise. It is a mom-founded impact company that is disrupting and reimagining the way status quo healing organizations do business. We use a "heart-led but business-fed" grassroots methodology that engages longstanding, local community actors and non-profit organizations doing work in areas including but not limited to: domestic and intimate partner violence, abortion advocacy and care, and maternal mental health.

Through strategic and intentional partnerships with these organizations, we leverage all the best parts of our private sector model (e.g. creative latitude, no red tape), to not only scale these community actors' missions and work; but add value to what they are already doing, by creating radically imagined opportunities for economic empowerment and social entrepreneurship amongst their beneficiaries.

This unconventional model of public service-private sector engagement was piloted through our recent and successful #May28  Initiative, Rewriting HERstory: Community Care Packages for Sexual Assault Survivors.

That project, although implemented at a local level in Chicago, sent a global message of solidarity to millions of other women who were/are at the ugly receiving end of gender-based violence. Together, our small #May28 team was successful in engaging small, local businesses, independent healers and service providers, and community-based organizations to create care packages for sexual assault survivors in Chicago.

At the end of the initiative, 8 women received one-of-a-kind care packages, small businesses received free marketing and captured new audiences, and some of the sexual assault survivors are now continuing to use the service providers who sponsored the initiative, which included licensed therapists and reiki practitioners. It was a small project with large impact, and that is what M2M Gifts specializes in. We think big but let the "little gals" use their magic to enact change. We  like to work with people who are known to be "quiet riots" or "silent storms." They tend to get stuff done with grit, grace, and gratitude.

Welcome to the movement. Thank you. Salamat. Gracias. Asante.



Jacqueline Xavier
Founder + CEO