Letter From The Founder

Women carry the weight of the world. No matter where we come from, how we make a living, our relationship status, or our sexual orientation, in many ways the future of the world rests in the hands of women. 

But if women carry the weight of the world, then mothers bear the responsibility of the universe.  

It can be so hard at times to live up to all that is expected of us; be a “good” wife, a “good” daughter, a “good” employee, a “good” friend… 

A “good” mother. 

Too often we find ourselves hiding our emotions from the outside world and displaying a curated version of who we think we are expected to be. But sometimes… just sometimes… there are no filters strong enough to mask the isolation, overwhelm, sadness, and shame that come along with the messy, beautiful, crazy journey that is motherhood…and life. It can be so easy to feel alone. 

But we are never alone. 

With a mission to end stigma, shame, blame, and isolation, Mama2Mama Gifts hopes to uplift every woman and every mother through the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s why we’ve created a community of support. 

Mama2Mama Gifts is not just another subscription box company. We are a movement hoping to change people’s lives. 

Partnering with minority and woman-owned businesses, we create beautiful gift boxes that can be sent to a loved one as a show of support. Our boxes not only contain beautiful, hand crafted products intended for pampering, but can also include a personal letter from another woman who has been through the same or similar trials and tribulations. 

Our goal is for women to share their stories in order to encourage and change the lives of others. 

From one mama to another – we are all in this together,

 Jackie Xavier, Founder, Mama2Mama Gifts