We need ART!

Project 6IX™ Art Donation Information Sheet

Thank you for your interest in donating to Project 6IX™! Below you will find a quick reference about Project 6IX™ and the artistic opportunities that are available. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated!

What is Project 6IX™?

Project 6IX™ engages longstanding, local community actors and non-profit organizations doing work in areas including but not limited to: domestic violence (DV) and intimate partner violence (IPV), abortion advocacy and care, and maternal mental health.

Project 6IX™ for DV is a social impact project combating Domestic Violence by studying systems of regeneration found in nature and applying those principles to heal humanity.

What artistic opportunities are available through Project 6IX™ for DV?

  • Now until March 2021.

    a) We are accepting donations of uplifting digital art  inspired by domestic violence survivors and victims. Appropriate themes: nature, healing, rebirth, resilience, etc.

    b) We are accepting donations of various artworks (paintings, photographs, sculpture, claywork, etc) to be used at the Almighty Uterus Art Auction Fundraiser (date TBD). Appropriate themes: nature, healing, rebirth, resilience, the female form, empowerment, domestic violence, etc.

  • September – October 2020. We are looking for digital portrait illustrators who can draw domestic violence survivors and victims for a Community Care Package event in St. Thomas, USVI. These will be directly gifted to families of victims.

  • November 2020 – March 2021. We are in need of artwork that can be used to elevate the womxn who are involved in our Financial Literacy/Entrepreneurship program in Chicago and St. Croix. Appropriate themes: independence, resilience, determination, empowerment, etc.

  • Date TBD. We are searching for muralists specializing in Black and White portraits for a large memorial mural for individuals who have died due to domestic violence. 

    If you are interested in participating in any of these projects, please email Project 6IX™ Director, Jackie Xavier, at m2mgiftscommunity@gmail.com. All submissions must have the subject “Project 6IX™ Art Donation,” include examples of your work, as well as which artistic project(s) you are interested in.