Project 6ix: Chicago Red Rose

"Project 6ix is built on the principal that no matter who we are and where we come from, everything we do as an individual has an equal or greater effect on the collective, so we must start holding ourselves accountable to making those effects positive and with the collective in mind. We model our methodology after ecosystems in nature that have proven resiliency time and time again, in spite of interruptions to their wellbeing. When allowed to thrive and heal from trauma (e.g. hurricanes), in harmony with the universe's natural rhythm, these ecosystems have an innate ability to revitalize themselves. Humanity must use this same model to enact sustainable, societal change, both at an individual and collective level.”

Through a Kickstarter-funded campaign, the Chicago Red Rose DV Initiative will "homegrow" a local, minority-owned beauty brand that will both produce and bring-to-market a red rose colored lipstick to serve as an income generating product for adolescents benefiting from this project. In addition, funds raised will be used to create a series of financial literacy and entrepreneurship training for beneficiaries in at-risk, currently in, or healing from domestic abuse and/or intimate partner violence situations.

The goal is to engage these adolescents in creative outlets while also economically empowering them through art, social justice, and social enterprise. A project-funded team of social entrepreneurs, creatives, licensed therapists, and other subject matter experts will be implementing this project in conjunction with a partner organization in Chicago. M2M Gifts LLC will be spearheading the vision casting and operationalizing of the partnership. 

The project will also tell untold stories of DA/IPV beneficiaries while ensuring protection from their abuser(s), commemorate lives of those lost who never made it into the mainstream media and/or who did make it into the media but were quickly forgotten by the media; foster community building between the public/private sectors; reach families who are still grieving the loss of their loved one(s); and mobilize the Chicago arts/creatives community to uplift these individuals benefiting from the project.


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