Mahogany Tree Project Needs Your Support

Hey M2M Family. I’m freestyling this with no edits so forgive the length and I hope what I’m trying to get across is received with love.

If you haven’t checked out our Kickstarter for Mahogany Tree Project in St. Thomas yet, please take a moment to learn more and pledge any amount you can so we can meet the $20,000 goal by Dec 14. It doesn’t happen unless we reach that.

If you can’t pledge, share to help us get the word out. We’re raising funds to build a domestic violence memorial from hurricane damaged mahogany trees in the USVI, a place I was blessed to call home for 7 years.

Yesterday, I was having a moment of self doubt because at times, it just doesn’t feel right asking for others to give towards a project like this when so many are in need of basic things this holiday season. In need of a job, in need of food, in need of shelter, in need of quality healthcare.

I was having one of those moments. So I phoned a friend and she was like, “remember your why.” Why are you doing this? Why did you all work so hard to get things off the ground this summer?

There’s a lot written into the story on Kickstarter but what’s not explicitly in there is my personal why. And my personal why is pretty simple. I think about the victims a lot.

I read their stories and realize any of those young women could have been me and for some reason, that thought is always accompanied with a vision of my daughter as a baby.

I think about the families they left behind. I think about the families they never got to start. I think of how scared they must have been in their final moments to be looking at someone who was supposed to be a safe space. I think of how people’s stories tend to fade and how their voices disappear.

It fills me with sadness at first but then that changes to gratitude and purpose to do God’s work and call on community to make this happen.

So that’s what we all have an opportunity to do and I just want to thank anyone who has supported Project 6ix/MTP so far because there are many important causes to support during these crazy, unpredictable times and you’ve chosen to give towards this one.

On behalf of the whole team, I just want to say thank you 🙏🏽 and I am sending warm thoughts to all. No matter what you’re dealing with, just remember you are loved.


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