Community in Healing

In the last month since launching Project 6IX™, more than a dozen individuals have reached out to me directly regarding being in an abusive situation. Some I have referred to mental health experts I know. Some just needed a kindred stranger to listen to what they were experiencing. Some I know personally. Some...I have never spoken to in my life prior to launching the project. Some speak another language than American English and there is a language barrier but I try my best.


God willing, I am still here to tell my story. Every single day, I am still healing. I am still learning to love myself. I am still learning to forgive others. A lot of days, I am still angry. I am still a lot of things.

But one thing I am not, is unwilling to use my story to now uplift others in the journey. Because it is a journey and like Project 6IX™ states, "We are all connected by six degrees or less." Doesn't matter what walk of life you come from. Doesn't matter if you can afford orange theory and monthly Ipsy boxes (I cannot), or if you have never been to therapy because quality private practices are 2 buses, a train ride, and an insurance provider that you don't have - away. Or maybe you are somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

We're all connected.

So that that's off my chest, please see attached form lol. This is a Google form that only I will have access to. It's for anyone this message resonates with who is interested in joining a Collective of individuals in this journey of healing. I am leading the Collective and will be reaching out to mental healthcare providers I know, in an effort to solicit their services IN-KIND, on a referral basis.

For now, you just get this Mompreneur on a monthly or so basis through a closed Zoom beginning sometime in August. But fun fact, I have a lot of love to give to those who deserve it. Male. Female. Not sure. All are welcome.

Free to join for now but eventually I'll set something up to make it a monthly membership of $6. I just have to talk to my accountant before I do that because I've been to the principal's office like 88 times since starting up Project 6IX™ 😂 Thank God for therapy and thank God for accountants...