Project 6ix® Blog

  • Project 6ix St. Thomas Mahogany Tree

    Through this initiative, M2M Gifts and FRC would like to deliver a powerful message to the wider community of: "How can all of us as a community continue to perpetuate a cycle of domestic violence when these people are now staring us in the face?"
  • Project 6ix: Chicago Red Rose

    Project 6ix is built on the principal that no matter who we are and where we come from, everything we do as an individual has an equal or greater effect on the collective, so we must start holding ourselves accountable to making those effects positive and with the collective in mind. We model our methodology after ecosystems in nature that have proven resiliency time and time again, in spite of interruptions to their wellbeing. When allowed to thrive and heal from trauma (e.g. hurricanes), in harmony with the universe's natural rhythm, these ecosystems have an innate ability to revitalize themselves. Humanity must use this same model to enact sustainable, societal change, both at an individual and collective level.