Piece of Herstory Earrings: Meet the Maker

I thought it'd be nice to introduce everyone to the artisan behind M2M Gifts' new earring collection: Ollie

Born and bred Queens, NYer turned Chicago implant by way of destiny, our new earring collection maker's name is Olivia but she goes by Ollie. Ollie is a mother, daughter, sister, partner, womxn, social working community organizer in touch with her artistic layer - in that order. 

In the words of her mother, Ollie, "comes from a long line of womxn." That's strong-willed womxn who were/are in touch with their creative selves. In Ollie's family, you are either an artist or a social justice worker. She is trying to live on the bridge of these two worlds. 

Ollie and I met through her Chicago-based collective for mothers, Mom's Moment. We both share backgrounds in social justice + a love for creative expression. I'm grateful to have met Ollie and am very excited to share what she created with the world.

The Love + Resilience earrings are now available for purchase. Sacred, Freedom, Abundance, + Joy are coming soon. 

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