Thoughts from a Mompreneur

Entrepreneur honesty time. Our first year of startup (2017-2018), I struggled with something. I would get feedback from gift SENDERS, but rarely ever from gift RECIPIENTS. It was an interesting startup challenge, getting feedback from end users who we (as a business) were technically not connected to. Their loved ones were the medium. Anonymous card writers would reach them by way of their words of encouragement, but I still struggled to figure out where something Because it was. 

Enter Jackie the Empath.

How would I feel if I received a care package? Betrayed that a loved one of mine, even with good intentions, shared my story with a complete stranger? Trust is not cheap. Or would I feel completely beside myself that a stranger somewhere in the world experienced the same adversity as me? These were the questions I asked myself as a HUMAN.

Enter Jackie the Social Entrepreneur.

I asked myself recently, "What gap in society am I try to fill? What is the social good I am working towards? How do I not CHEAPEN and COMMODIFY people's pain and trauma with this unique business model? How do I offset the potential undermining of someone's pain, through a product that achieves a greater good? 

Solution? Of course. Wheels are always turning in this heart and head of mine. That's the Mompreneur in me.

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